Felton Fire Protection District

Fuel Break along Graham Hill Road

The Resource Conservation District, California State Parks, and Cal Fire have collaborated to create a fuel break along Graham Hill Road, an important wildfire mitigation strategy to reduce the risk of wildfires along one of the critical evacuation routes from the San Lorenzo Valley.

The fuel break project involves removing overgrown vegetation and thinning out trees to create a gap in fuel sources that could potentially feed a wildfire. This creates a barrier that helps slow or stop the spread of a wildfire, giving firefighters a better chance to contain it and protect nearby communities.

In addition to reducing the risk of wildfires, the project also aims to improve the sandhill ecosystem by removing non-native species and restoring habitat for endangered wildlife.

This collaborative effort demonstrates the importance of working together to protect our environment and communities from the threats of wildfire. It’s a great example of sustainable land management practices that we can all learn from and implement.

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