Felton Fire Protection District

Insurance Rating Information

Insurance Company Information
Below is information frequently requested by insurance companies.

Station Location
The fire station is located at 131 Kirby Street, Felton, CA 95018.

ISO Rating/Public Protection Classification
Felton Fire Protection District has an ISO rating of 4.  To qualify for a 4 rating the property must be within 5 miles of the fire station and a fire hydrant within 1000 feet of the property.  If the property is greater than 5 miles away from the station and a fire hydrant is more than 1000 feet away, the rating is 8.  For exact Public Protection Classification of a specific property, call ISO at 800-444-4554.

Felton fire station is centrally located in Felton and no property within the service boundaries of the fire district is greater than 5 miles away from the fire station.

For information regarding property distances to a hydrant, call the fire station at 831-335-4422.  We can give you approximate distances over the phone.

Fire Apparatus (Fire Engines)
Below is a list of the fire district fire apparatus and their pumping capability.

Apparatus # Water tank size Pumping Capability
Engine 2310 500 Gallons 1500 GPM
Engine 2311 500 Gallons 1250 GPM
Engine 2320 500 Gallons 1000 GPM
Tender 2350 2500 Gallons 1250 GPM