Felton Fire Protection District

Board of Directors

The fire district is a Special District of the State of California . The fire district is governed by an elected Board of Directors. Click here for a list of the current Board members. The Board meets monthly, generally on the 1 st Monday of the month. The Board meeting is moved to another date if the first Monday falls on a holiday.

Meeting minutes and agendas are available upon request.

2017 Board of Directors

Jim Anderson Chairperson janderson@feltonfire.com
David Ladd Director dladd@feltonfire.com
Bob Gelini Director bgelini@feltonfire.com
Dan Ward Walters Director dwalters@feltonfire.com
Steve Richmond Director srichmond@feltonfire.com
Laurie Dennis District Secretary ldennis@feltonfire.com

Board Meetings

Board Meeting DateAgendasMinutes
You may download Board Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes in PDF format by clicking below