Felton Fire Protection District

Defensible Space

For information on how to protect your property from wildfire, see the Living with Fire PDF”

Felton Fire Works closely with Cal Fire inspectors each year to improve defensible space in our neighborhoods. Each year we asses the areas that are most in need of inspection and then forward the information to the Cal Fire inspectors. Cal Fire hires 3 to 4 inspectors March-October to preform the inspections, funded by the Fire Prevention Fee collected by the state. Defensible space inspections look at several different aspects of a home owners property. To see what we look for in an inspection see the LE100 form below.

Felton Fire also will inspect any property within our area upon request as well as fielding any complaints regarding any fire safety issues. If you would like to report a fire safety issue please email: [email protected].

Fire Resistant Plant Lists

Visit the links below for information on fire resistive plants: