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Storm damage Nov 2001, All of this damaged occurred between the hours of 7 am and 9 am Saturday November 24th.  It resulted in closure of three main access routes into the Felton and the San Lorenzo Valley.  For a time, part of the valley was cut off from all services and no vehicle access.  This was the first major winter storm of 2001 (Fall),  heavy rain and winds of avgerage 25 MPH with gusts of 55 mph.!  In 4 hours it was all over.

Graham Hill Road, one of three main roads into Felton.  (Location between Probation facility and Roaring Camp)  Large 36" diameter Madrona tree came down, took out a 2" diameter power cable and snapped it.  Plus brought down phone lines.  It also made Two power poles to turn 180 degrees due to the impact while still in the ground! Access of this road was closed for two days. 

The story was the truck you see was coming down the hill and the tree fell right in front of him.  The truck ran over the now pull down wires, slammed into the tree and destroyed the truck.  Fortunately the driver was not hurt !!  BUT had his nerves rattled big time.


Here is a picture of Felton Empire Road. The tree came down and took the pole with it so there was a wire down off of the next 5 poles up the road which also destroyed phone cable lines
This is a picture of Zayante Road where a tree also fell. The tree pulled down the phone and power lines, which cut off Zayante and Lompoco for 12 hours, which affected over 2500 people .

The tree, which was 36" in diameter, fell to very high winds.