The Felton Fire Protection District serves the community of Felton , CA . The fire district is staffed with 30 volunteer fire fighters a Fire Chief and fire fighter. The fire district has one (1) fire station, located in Felton at 131 Kirby Street .

The fire district is a Special District of the State of California . The fire district is governed by an elected Board of Directors. Click here for a list of the current Board members. The Board meets monthly, generally on the 1 st Monday of the month. The Board meeting is moved to another date if the first Monday falls on a holiday.

The fire district is an All–Risk fire agency. Emergency and non–emergency responses can be: medical, fires, auto accidents, storm related emergencies, rescues and Large Animal Rescues. The fire district averages approximately 500 emergency responses per year. An average percentage breakdown is as follows:

  •   60% Medical
  •   15% Auto Accident
  •   15% Various types (rescue, storm, etc)
  •   10% Fire

There are two support organizations, the Felton Fire Fighters Association and the Felton Fire Auxiliary. Both organizations exist to assist the mission of the fire district.

Fire District Mission Statement

The Felton Fire Protection District’s mission is to be an effective emergency service organization serving the residents, business and property owners, and visitors of Felton, with quality fire suppression, emergency medical services, rescue, fire prevention and public education.

In carrying out this mission, the Felton Fire Protection District will:

  • Provide priority to fire fighter safety
  • Encourage the educational and personal development of fire district personnel
  • Promote positive attitudes and teamwork to take full advantage of our skills, knowledge and creativity
  • Communicate openly and honestly to our members and community to inspire trust and confidence

Fire District Values


  • F – Felton residents, businesses and visitors. The fire district exists by public approval and our function is to serve the public interest. The fire district is committed to listening and responding to the community and the people within our organization. The fire district strives to find better ways to serve the residents, businesses and visitors of Felton.
  • E – Ethical. The fire district is committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards.
  • L – Learning. The fire district values the importance of training and retaining talented personnel. Training prepares the fire fighters for safe and efficient emergency practices.
  • T – Team. The fire district strives to maintain a cooperative relationship between the Board of Directors, fire chief, fire fighters and the Auxiliary. Working together as a team fosters trust, resolution of conflicts, commitment, accountability and achievement of goals.
  • O – Opportunities. Opportunities are encouraged for all volunteers to develop their potential and make the best use of their abilities. Opportunities may be found in training, emergency incidents, public events, public education and more.
  • N – Nurturing. The fire district believes in the importance of nurturing and maintaining positive relationships with all fire agencies and other government agencies in the County of Santa Cruz, State of California, the Federal government and other Special Districts.
  • F – Firefighters. The fire district’s volunteer fire fighters are the fire district’s most valuable assets. With the active participation of the fire fighters, the Felton Fire District is able to provide a quality service to the residents, businesses and visitors of Felton. Without the fire fighters, Felton Fire District has little to nothing to offer the public.
  • I – Involved in the community. The Felton Fire District strives to be an active member of the Felton community. Beyond fire and emergency services, the fire district is active in the Felton Business Association, sponsoring youth sport teams, assisting SLV Unified School District at events like football games, graduation, Grad Night and public education at the elementary schools. CPR, AED and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) classes are offered to the public at no charge.
  • R – Responsible. The fire district believes the quality of service is everyone’s responsibility. The fire district prepares for it’s response to emergencies and believes the property owners, residents, business owners and visitors should prepare for potential emergencies as well. The best outcome in an emergency situation is found when all parties have done their part to keep the emergency manageable.
  • E – Equipped. The fire district places high value on equipping our fire fighters with quality equipment they need to carry out their tasks safely and effectively. To the best of the fire district’s ability, every effort will be made to provide the finest equipment possible for the fire fighters to use. This includes the purchase and on–going maintenance, as required.